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How To Draw The Reiki Master Symbol - Dai Ko Myo


The Reiki MasterSymbol - Dai Ko Myosymbol in Reikidenotes the source of Reiki energy, which is sometimes translated as brilliant light or enlightenment. Despite its sacred character, this sign is widely recognized and may be found etched in Buddhist temples throughout the world.

What Is The Master Symbol In Reiki?

All hail the powerful Dai Ko Myo, or master symbol. This symbol is a nourishing and enlightening one, and it is the most sacred Reiki symbol. It also has the highest vibration, and it has the most transformative power of all five of the Reiki symbols.

The dye-ko-me-o Dai Ko Myo (DKM), also known as the Master symbol in Usui Reiki, may be pronounced dye-ko-me-o. Only a Reiki Master is authorized to use this sign, which is widely considered to be among the most powerful in all of Reiki. This sign brings together Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. When utilized properly, it can have a major effect on how one's mind and body are charged energetically.

This symbol may be used to address soul imbalances that are ready to be transformed. After addressing the energy level of healing, the mental and physical components of the body-mind can be brought into harmony. Additionally, symbols such as the Dai Ko Myo can be utilized to mitigate the impact of inherited memories.

Master Symbol meaning
Master Symbol meaning

You can cycle between the several versions of this symbol to discover which one speaks to you the most.

Bear in mind that Reiki energy works equally well with or without the use of symbols. You can choose to use all four symbols simultaneously or none at all during a session. It's critical to remember that these symbols are intended to aid you in concentrating.

However, you should not rely just on your familiarity with the symbols. After some time and practice, the symbols will cease to be a necessary component of your session. Dr. Usui created the Reiki technique in order to make it easier for everyone to comprehend and utilize. Usui desired to keep Reiki simple and straightforward and hence created several rules. Reiki does not require any additional constraints to be adaptive to the needs of practitioners and receivers equally.

How To Draw Dai Ko Myo Symbol

How to draw the master symbol
How to draw the master symbol

Dai Ko Myo is capable of overcoming all obstacles on a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and energetic level. Additionally, it has the potential to work with the past, present, and future, removing impediments and smoothing the path ahead of you as you grow your Reiki practice. It restores equilibrium and harmony, creating space for you to remember who you truly are.


Whatever form of the DKM symbol you choose, keep in mind that the aim is what's important, and all DKM symbol versions will operate.

The Dai Ko Myo sign is a potent symbol for reestablishing the link between the soul and the body. It assists you in determining your true mission in life. The DKM master sign is used to attune other Reiki practitioners.

Each time you provide a Reiki treatment, you have the option of utilizing the DKM energy for yourself or your customers. According to some, the Master/Teacher attunement enhances one's intuitive and psychic abilities at the cellular level.

Additionally, the DKM may serve as a catalyst for significant changes in one's career and personal life. Additionally, you can use the DKM to make your dreams a reality. This is accomplished by sketching, projecting, or inhaling the symbol and then visualizing what you wish to manifest in your life.

It is believed that the energy body is the primary source of disease. Reiki can aid in the removal of these barriers and the restoration of balance and flow. This may benefit the physical, emotional, and mental healing processes. Due to its high resonant frequency and effectiveness in the majority of situations, you may find yourself reaching for the DKM frequently. Additionally, DKM can be used for protection and cleansing.

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