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Uses And Techniques To Try Using The Reiki Symbols For Mental And Emotional Disorders


Apart from the numerous applications of Reikisymbols, you may also utilize them to address mental and emotional disorders. This article discussed common mental and emotional disorders and using the Reiki Symbols for mental and emotionaldisorders.

Reiki symbols
Reiki symbols

Motivating, Recalling, And Self-growth Through Symbols

The symbols can be used to enhance a range of mental functions, including the following:

For The Purpose Of Self-Motivation

By repeating the mantra three times while drawing a power sign on your forehead, you'll increase your motivation to take on new challenges.

To Help With Memory

If you're having difficulty remembering something, place a power symbol over your head or the Harmony and Power symbols on your crown and brow chakras, saying their mantras three times, and then ask Reiki to assist you.

To Assist You With Your Learning

This is advantageous in situations such as tests and interviews. Utilize the Harmony and Power Symbols on your crown and third eye chakras, as well as over the passages, chapters, or material you wish to learn, quietly repeating their mantras three times and requesting assistance from Reiki.

For Self-Development And Improved Understanding

Draw the Harmony Symbol on both palms, followed by the Power Symbol, and then lay both hands on the brow and back of the head, or on both sides. Consider the symbols entering your thoughts, and while silently repeating the symbols' sacred mantras, visualize the Reiki aiding you in your self-growth and understanding.

To Achieve Objectives, Dreams, And Ambitions

While chanting their sacred mantra three times and hoping for Reiki to aid you in attaining all of your goals, desires, and ambitions, place one hand on your forehead and the other on your back. Then, on both hands, draw the harmony symbol.

Using Symbols To Address Emotional Issues

The most efficient technique to improve all forms of relationships, from family to friendships to business, is through the use of harmony, distant, and power symbols. That is because Reiki is constantly working for your highest good. This is because the individuals involved are aware that you are attempting to increase harmony on an energetic level for the greater good of all (via their soul/Higher Self).

For All Relationship Types

You can continue this practiceas frequently as necessary—even daily—until the relationship demonstrates signs of improved harmony. Consider how you and your loved ones might fit together if they were seated around a sofa.

After sketching the Distant, Harmony, and Power Symbols, they should repeat their chants three times. When ready, create the power symbol. The Harmony Symbol would then descend gradually until it encompassed the entirety of the group. Assume that the harmony will benefit the group.

After a few minutes, visualize the people involved getting to know one another and concluding with an embrace. Draw the Power Symbol, speak its chant three times, and announce your goal to complete the healing. Clap or violently shake your hands to break the connection.

For All Types Of Gatherings

Repeat the previous steps, but this time envision the appropriate group of individuals gathering around a table. It is unimportant if you are unfamiliar with their names or appearance; simply state "all the people who attended my interview" or "all the people who attended the council meeting," etc. Due to the fact that you're utilizing the Distant Symbol, you can also define the meeting or interview's date and time. If you maintain the image of the group in your mind, you may be able to "see" the meeting closing with everyone happy and shaking hands.

For All Types Of Emotional Afflictions

This method may be repeated until the desired result is obtained. To alleviate uneasiness, fear, depression, anger, sadness, restlessness, impatience, tension, or tiredness, envision a big harmony symbol over your head chakra, then expand it until it includes your complete being. Recite its mantra three times and ask and intend for its soothing, healing, calm, and restorative energy to permeate your physical and energetic bodies, bringing greater harmony and balance to your life. Then, draw energy into the Harmony Symbol with the Power Symbol.

Allow yourself to remain in a meditative state for at least five minutes, but preferably for around fifteen minutes, or until you feel much more at ease and content. Then, three times with the Power Symbol's incantation, seal in the tranquil energies. Clap or forcefully shake your hands to interrupt the energy connections.

Allowing Blocked Emotions Or Unhealthy Attachments To Disappear

Expand the symbol in the same manner as previously, until it includes your entire self. Invoke its soothing, healing, calm, and regenerative energy to fill your physical and energetic bodies, restoring harmony and balance to your existence.

Then, using the Power Symbol and repeating its mantra three times, request and intend that it work in tandem with the Harmony Symbol to unblock and release any deeply held emotions (such as resentment or hatred), as well as any unhealthy attachments (for example, to a former husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend).

If possible, visualize a small cloud of gray energy representing all your previous emotions about this scenario detaching and floating through your energy field to be released and healed by Reiki. By repeating the mantra three times and then violently clapping or shaking your hands, you can create a power symbol.

What Is An Emotional Symbol In Reiki?

When feelings of fear, worry, anger, or depression arise, the mental/emotional symbols can be used on oneself (or others). Reiki energyassists in calming the emotions and aids in seeing clearly. Many illnesses are considered to begin as suppressed emotions.

The Bottom Line

These are some techniques that can be used if you or someone in your environment is experiencing the above-mentioned mental and emotional issues.

While we cannot be certain of the mental-emotional symbol's origin, these linkages make sense and are consistent with our current knowledge of the symbol. However, we must be cautious not to assume that the Reiki symbol has the same meaning as the Kiriku for Japanese Buddhists.

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