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How Do Crystals Enhance Reiki Practice? Ultimate Guide To The Uses And Purpose Of Crystals


While traditional Reikidoes not involve crystals, many Reiki Masters and practitioners find that crystals enhance Reiki practice, both the practical and aesthetic aspects.

What Are The Crystals Used For?

Throughout history, crystals and stones have been viewed as mysterious and exploited for their therapeutic qualities and beauty. Each crystal possesses its own unique vibratory and energy-balancing properties. By interacting with the human energy body, Reiki boosts its potential to support healing.

Types Of Crystal

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz crystal
Clear Quartz crystal

This is the most versatile and programable crystal available. By receiving, activating, storing, amplifying, and sending energy, you can use it to balance your chakrasand remove negativity from your body and environment. When used therapeutically, it is a potent conduit for healing energy. Additionally, it is claimed to enhance vision and assist you in connecting with your higher self, and it can be applied to any region of the body.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystal
Rose Quartz crystal

By supporting you in letting go of resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy, the "love stone's" energy fosters forgiveness and compassion. The energy of the "love stone" fosters forgiveness and compassion. As a result, you gain a greater awareness of and acceptance of your own character. The spleen, kidneys, heart, and reproductive system all benefit.


Amethyst crystal
Amethyst crystal

This is called "the elevator" because it is an extremely effective spiritual development instrument, capable of removing illusion and providing healing, divine love, inspiration, and intuition. Additionally, it strengthens the endocrine and immune systems, has a good effect on the right brain's functions (the creative and intuitive side), the pineal and pituitary glands, and is regarded as an incredible blood cleanser and energizer.

While some crystals remain unaltered in their natural state, others have been carved or polished. While the shape of the crystal is irrelevant for healing, I find crystal pyramids, crystal balls, and crystal wands to be particularly beneficial because they appear to most efficiently concentrate healing energy.


When you first bring the crystals home, it is vital to thoroughly clean them. This is because they rapidly absorb energy, and you have no way of knowing what kind of energy they were absorbing prior to your purchase. Throughout the procedure, they are cleansed of any negative energetic vibrations.

There are numerous methods for cleansing crystals, including soaking them in running water (not saltwater) and allowing them to dry naturally, as well as exposing them to intense sunlight or moonlight to absorb an excess of masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) energies. I use this approach, but I combine it with Reiki. Simply hold the crystal in your hands or draw the power symbol over it, repeat the chant three times, and ask for Reiki to cleanse the crystal. To empower and program your crystals once they have been thoroughly cleansed, pick up each crystal individually and trace all three Reiki symbolsover them, singing their sacred mantras and hoping for a limitless supply of Reiki to be sent to the crystals. This energy is subsequently stored in the crystals and released for therapeutic purposes.


You can either take a crystal with you to aid in your healing or donate it to someone in need of healing energy. While others do not use crystals during Reiki sessions, some practitioners choose to place charged crystals (those that have been charged with Reiki) near or on a client's chakras during a session. If this is something you choose to pursue, This would recommend taking a course on crystal healing to gain a better understanding of them, and it would also be smart to ascertain whether the client is comfortable with their use. Remove the crystals from the aura before smoothing it.

Additionally, you may write down any difficulty you're having on a piece of paper and place it beneath a programmed crystal, allowing for continual Reiki flow into the issue, promoting healing for the highest and greatest good. Once a week, it is recommended to cleanse and reprogram the crystal to maintain the energy's potency.

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