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Distant Healing Reiki


The Long Island ReikiConnection has created a Reiki HealingGrid, styled after the one that William Rand has placed at the North and South Poles.

Each crystal is programmed to continually send Reiki Healing energy to all people of the world for their spiritual evolvement and soul awakening.

This Reiki Grid is also used to send Reiki energyto anyone with special healing needs.

Here is an example of the prayer said daily as the Healing Grid is charged with Reiki:

Creator, Father, Mother, God, All That Is We ask that these crystalsbe charged with Reiki Light, Love, Joy and Peace, so that they may be clear and open channels continually sending Reiki to All People, of All Religions, in All Corners of the World We ask that All Hearts Unite as the One Heart of the Creator God who is All Love whose names are on this Grid be heard.

Let Reiki Healing Energy be continually sent to them for their Greatest Good and Highest Joy. We call upon the Healing Masters,Guides and Angels to assist in this process.

And we give Thanks in advance for our Many Blessings So Be It..Amen

Names are written down on slips of paper, given Distant Healing Reiki, and placed on the Healing Grid. Reiki is then sent to them every day over the next 21 days for their healing intentions.

We encourage anyone who knows someone with a healing crisis to email us with their name and a brief explanation of their healing need.

Reiki will then be sent to them using Reiki charged crystals acting as powerful Reiki conduits.

In the Body of the email, briefly explain the healing needed, including the first name only of the person needing Long Distance Reiki. (*Do not include last name, only last initial. All requests will be kept confidential to ensure privacy).

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