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Free Reiki Course - Learn Reiki Online For Free


Enrolling in this free Reiki course will teach you the skills and procedures to assist yourself and others at each of the three Reiki levels. You'll learn about the discipline's guiding principles, the seven primary chakras, and traditional and non-traditional sacred symbols. The resurgence of Reiki will also be discussed and the lives of some of its most influential practitioners. You can gain access to the benefits and potential of Reiki.

Reiki can only be studied by a Reiki master who is certified. One method of locating a Reiki master is to question Reiki practitioners who they learned with. Additionally, you can contact local practitioners of alternative therapies such as massage or shiatsu, as these practitioners typically have links to other alternative therapy providers. Alternatively, you can check bulletin boards at yoga studios and health food stores or contact your local hospital to enquire about the availability of alternative or integrative medicine services. Due to the extensive use of Reiki to assist individuals in coping with chronic illness, any local group that assists people with cancer, HIV, fibromyalgia, or diabetes may have a resource list.

It is vital to recognize that because Reiki is not a standardized practice, there is no guarantee that someone claiming to be a "Reiki master" possesses the training and skill you want in a teacher/mentor. As a result, it is vital to understand a Reiki teacher's background, and a reputable Reiki master will encourage this inquiry.

Numerous Reiki masters have websites or brochures that outline their education, experience, and classes. If you cannot locate such information, a simple conversation is acceptable to ask some questions. Numerous these questions are analogous to ones you might ask a Reiki practitioner, as stated in the section How Can I Find a Qualified Practitioner.

Additionally, enquire about the Reiki master's teaching abilities and available classes (scheduling, fee, etc.). Finally, ask the Reiki master about his or her availability for continuous mentoring and group practice. Choose your Reiki master carefully, looking for a teacher that possesses not only the qualities you seek but also a sense of connection.

Reiki is a great technique that has the potential to cleanse your body and deepen your spiritual understanding of yourself and your surroundings:

  • It has the potential to push away the anguish, anxiety, and bad feelings that linger over you constantly like parting clouds on a stormy day.
  • It may allow you to experience the delight of healing others, of witnessing their shock and awe at the healing power of Reiki treatments for the first time.
  • It has the potential to bring your life into balance, repair your Chakras, and provide you with contentment and a sense of profound insight.
  • I know this since it was the case for both my pupils and myself.

Traditionally, there are three levels of course, each of which builds on the previous one and defines a distinct, specialized scope of practice. At all levels of practice, daily hands-on Reiki self-treatment remains the cornerstone.

The Three Reiki Levels

  • Typically, the first degree is taught over eight to twelve hours. Students self-care with Reiki and exchange Reiki with one another. This workshop teaches students how to give themselves daily Reiki for the rest of their lives. Students learn proper hand placements for sharing Reiki with family and friends, either in a full or shorter chair session, as well as how to administer Reiki in acute situations and through informal "spot therapy." Reiki classes for nurses and other healthcare professionals frequently contain Reiki's clinical application topics. While the session is mostly experiential, the Reiki master provides an outline of Reiki's history and precepts. Most significantly, the Reiki master initiates students, empowering them to act as channels for Reiki energy. Four initiations comprise the traditional first-degree training. For most persons interested in practicing for themselves and their families, first-degree training is sufficient.
  • The second degree is distant healing: trainees learn to substitute a mental connection for hand-to-body contact as necessary, allowing healing to be delivered even when touch is difficult or unsuitable. (For instance, psychotherapists may choose to get a second degree in order to incorporate an additional depth of healing into their sessions.) Additionally, second-degree procedures can be utilized to supplement hands-on treatment.
  • Reiki master is the third level. Historically, the Reiki master level of training was only available by invitation. This offer was issued exclusively to experienced pupils willing to dedicate their lives to teaching others how to practice Reiki. Traditionally, master training has been accomplished by an extended apprenticeship with a Reiki master rather than course study. Only Reiki Masters are qualified to teach others Reiki.

Feel the confidence and peace of mind you desire, ultimately knowing that your life is balancing, harmonizing, and ultimately unfolding wonderfully and smoothly in the way the universe has always intended.

Realize the dream you've always harbored in your heart—the one of happiness, confidence, and love that you deserve. All of this is possible in your life!

Master Reiki in its purest form by following a training course developed directly from Mikao Usui's direct translation and "old Japanese" text. These master teachings may endow you with the ability to assist people with their most troubling physical, emotional, or psychological problems, regardless of their degree or duration.

Pervade every inch of your being with a new reality. Your physical body vibrates with the newfound vigor and vitality of this new reality. Your optimism and enthusiasm for your daily activities enable and develop the creativity and delight necessary to take on the world gladly and purposefully.

Discover the true image of the life you were destined to live with the help of Mikao Usui, the Original Reiki Master! Your energy may flow freely, and your consciousness may shift as you integrate your new healing ability. Believe me when I tell you that this experience will assist you in unraveling an extraordinary aspect of the magnificent notion of "you" that you were unaware existed!

Finally, Reiki does not have to be expensive or require in-person teaching.

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