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How To Experience Practicing Spirituality, Awakening And Enlightenment


The regular or full-time execution of acts and activities performed with the aim of generating spiritual experiences and promoting spiritual growth is referred to as a spiritual practiceor spiritual discipline (often incorporating spiritual exercises). Walking down a road is a popular metaphor used in the spiritual traditions of the world's main religions. As a result, Practicing Spiritualityleads a person along a road toward achieving a goal. Salvation, emancipation, and oneness are all terms used to describe the objective (with God). A wayfarer or a pilgrim are terms used to describe someone who traverses such a road.

Practicing Spiritual Disciplines

The spiritual disciplines are a way of honing one's ability to live before God—in other words, honing one's intelligence. They educate us to accept God's purpose in our lives as we train in holiness, giving us perspective and strength. Cultivating these good habits helps us get rid of bad ones, which makes us closer to Christ.

Two elegant spiritual woman hands practicing magic spiritual minimalist hand drawn silhouette
Two elegant spiritual woman hands practicing magic spiritual minimalist hand drawn silhouette

Two Disciplines Of Abstinence

Silence and seclusion are the two disciplines of abstinence. For many of us, they are frequently challenging. It's all too easy to get caught up in outward achievements and miss interior progress through quiet time with God. On the other hand, Jesus exemplifies the necessity of these disciplines by setting aside time to be alone and pray.

By removing external distractions, solitude allows us to grow in our connection with God. After all, the world closes in on us and tries to keep us occupied at all times, leaving us with little time to contemplate.

This is linked to stillness, which gives solitary depth. Being quiet in front of God allows us to fully listen to him and grow in connection with him.

Three Disciplines Of Engagement

Study, meditation, and prayer are the three disciplines of involvement. We should spend time studying God's Word; it will equip us and show us who our God is. It will also help us come up with a biblical point of view from which we can fight the world's lies.

This is connected to meditation, which will assist us in letting God's Word dwell in our hearts. Because we are shaped by our thoughts, it is important to reflect on God's truth. Finally, we should devote time to prayer. This deepens our relationship with God and allows us to use God's power in our lives. We listen to God and communicate with Him, praising Him and offering pleas to Him.

Practicing Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual journey—and the resulting "spiritual awakening" we seek—always seems to take place in some exotic location or after a spectacular incident. Perhaps you believe you need to go to Peru to drink ayahuasca or leave your spouse to get the spiritual awakening you seek? You can connect with your spiritualityand awaken to the teachings that are meant for you throughout your life from the comfort of your own home. Here are six easy steps to preparing for a spiritual awakening:

10 Minute Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation for Beginners

Learn to let go.

Take care of yourself.

Go outside. There is energy and spirit and magic in the outdoors.

Expand your mind. sleep support+ .

Examine your beliefs. Be conscious of and intentional about what you believe.

Declutter! Start by making room! 

Practicing Spiritual Principles

These principles, along with the regular practice of stopping and thinking about them, may help us deal with anything life throws at us. The Serenity Prayer is a prevalent topic in many recovery groups as a method to stop and allow oneself to return to the present moment and the serenity that is alight inside them, whether or not they recognise it at the time.













What Is A Spiritually-Based Practice?

The regular or full-time execution of acts and activities performed with the aim of generating spiritual experiences and promoting spiritual growth is known as spiritual practise or spiritual discipline (which typically includes spiritual exercises).

How Do I Know I'm Spiritual?

Spiritual individuals keep their heads down and concentrate on their own journey, embracing others for who they are. They do not pass judgement or criticism on other people's life experiences. When spiritual people don't have anything good to say about others, they don't say anything at all.

What Are The 3 Elements Of Spirituality?

In their eternal knowledge, all shamans, healers, sages, and wisdom keepers of all centuries, continents, and peoples claim that human spirituality is made up of three aspects: connections, values, and life purpose.


Praying, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, and performing ceremonies or rituals are all examples of spiritual practises or spiritual disciplines, and they may be combined. Spirituality and your spiritual life encompass your everyday encounters with other people as well as your thoughts and feelings about them. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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