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What Does Reiki Attunement Mean And How Is It Done


If you've done any research on Reikior energy healingtreatments, you've probably come across the term "attunement."

You may be wondering what a Reiki attunementactually is and how it works. It may even have a whiff of magical thinking about it.

In a nutshell, a Reiki attunement is a procedure that your Reiki masterwalks you through in class with you. Attunement expands your energy system, allowing you to conduct energy more efficiently.

The Reiki master prepares himself or herself by energizing himself or herself through exercises or meditations. They next perform a highly skilled ceremony to assist you in opening your energy system.

What Does Attunement Mean?

Attunement refers to our receptiveness to another individual. It is the mechanism via which we establish relationships. According to Dr. Dan Siegel, "when we attune with others, we enable our own internal state to shift, allowing us to resonate with another's inner reality."

The attunement procedure is a spiritual rite in which the Reiki Master employs specific symbolsand other indications. This spiritual ceremony creates an energy blueprint around the receiver that is directed toward attunement, further attuning his energy field to the energies represented by the symbols.

How Is Reiki Attunement Done?

A woman reiki practitioner giving reiki attunement to another woman patient
A woman reiki practitioner giving reiki attunement to another woman patient

The fundamental distinction between healing and attunement is that Reiki healing enables an individual to heal his or her own problems using energy, whereas attunement is a process that qualifies an individual to treat others. If the master uses a symbol for the "subconscious," the attunement is permanent, and the recipient becomes a Reiki practitioner. Without this sign, the attunement is just temporary. The attunement is done only once, and it is sufficient for all levels of Reiki, but it can also be taken at each level for better strength of energies. Reiki masters do the following stages throughout this ceremony:

  • The master instructs one or more recipients to re-establish their grounding and centering. He reiterates that this is a spiritual ceremony and that everyone should be receptive to whatever sensations occur. Some relaxing music or incense might be put up to set the mood.
  • The master stands facing the recipients and raises their hands to shoulder height, palms facing forward. The recipients are made to sit in a row so that an area around them is left for the master to walk.
  • He walks completely around the recipients. He then returns to the back to take a position behind the receiver.
  • In this ceremony, there are two halves: one part is done behind the recipient, and the other is performed in front.
  • The master now holds the left-hand palm up beside the recipient's head. Generally, the left hand is used for receiving energy, whereas the right hand is used for giving energy.
  • With his right hand, the master draws the symbols over the crown of the recipient's head.
  • When he gets done at the back, he walks around and comes to the front. At the front, he takes the recipient's hands in his own hands for a moment.
  • He then draws the symbols over his hand and chants the name of the symbol three times in his mind.
  • Now he visualizes the master symbol in violet and blows lightly from the base chakra to the crown chakra two times. He touches the forehead (third eye).
  • After that, he again draws the symbols over the forehead (third eye) and also chants the names of the symbols three times.
  • Then, he quietly separates the hands and visualizes the master symbol again. Thereafter, he gently blows from the base to the crown chakra.
  • Once again, he visualizes the master symbol in the palm of his right hand and holds it over the recipient's left hand. He then gently slaps the recipient's palm with his own.
  • Yet again, he imagines the master symbol in the palm of his left hand and holds it over the recipient's right hand. The recipient's palm is lightly slapped by the master's palm.
  • Once more, he visualizes the master symbol and softly blows into the area between the hands while bringing the palms together.
  • Now he leaves the hands of the recipient and touches him in the heart area, symbolizing that he has given him back to himself.
  • He steps back and bows to honor the recipient for what he is.
  • As soon as he finishes tuning, he takes another circle around the recipient and ends up in front.

Free Reiki Attunements

Free Reiki Attunements: Levels I, II & III

Final Thoughts

Due to the fact that different Reiki styles divide the attunement into two to four portions, some classes may have more attunements than others. Rest certain that as long as you receive at least one attunement per level, you have acquired the entire system.

Hoping that this article clarifies some of the mystique surrounding Reiki attunements.

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