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Reiki Digital Therapy – When Healing Goes Virtual


The ongoing pandemic, temporary/permanent physical disability, tight work schedule, or other personal reasons could make someone opt for a Reiki digital therapy.

Originating from Japan, several online resources including Wikipedia describe Reikias a kind of therapy or technique for “energy healing.”

People find time for healingeven amidst overwhelming personal and professional commitments and struggles.

If, for whatever reason, they can’t go out to seek an in-person Reiki session, then a Reiki digital therapy will serve as the next best option for them.

Distance Reiki Energy Healing (no talking) 💖🙏✨🌀

Reiki Digital Therapy

Person participates in a virtual Reiki session
Person participates in a virtual Reiki session

The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) in Michigan defined “Reiki” as “a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.”

Per ICRT, “rei”in Japanese means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and “ki”means “life force energy.”

Virtual Reiki sessions are nothing new.

Many have already embraced Reiki digital therapy even long before the Covid-19 virus slowed down life across the globe, reported “storytelling” website Shondaland.

When she temporarily relocated to Mexico years ago, New Yorker Nina Endrst offered her Reiko sessions online.

A Reiki MasterTeacher (the highest level a Reiki practitioner can achieve), yogi, and meditationteacher, Endrst said, “The energy transcends time, space, ego – a screen is not going to block the flow.”

Well, as they say, life must go on; so, people heavily relied on digital communications at the height of the pandemic.

TikTok, an ultra-popular social media platform, and Zoom, a video platform that functions like Skype, make remote Reiki more accessible to people, according to online magazine Dazed Digital.

One digital Reiki practitioner who uses TikTok is someone with the handle “HotHighPriestess.” Her real first name is Sarah, as revealed by Dazed Digital. She’s also a tarot reader and author of the poetry book “From Within” (2021).

Once, from her kitchen, the 21-year-old U.S.-based TikTok star (approximately 1.3 million followers as of this writing) did a Reiki digital therapy session. That one went viral.

Another digital Reiki practitioner at Tiktok goes by the username “mystique.awakening.” In her profile, she wrote: “Reiki Master.”

With 1.3 million followers, she does Reiki for several reasons or purposes, such as the following:

  • “for a rainy day”
  • “to cuss less”
  • “for work stress”
  • “to feel high”
  • “for unconditional love”
  • “to manifest luxury”

Her Reiki digital therapy session for – guess what? – “for a fat (insert peach emoji – a representation of people’s behind/bum) got 2.1 million views. Yup! People are pinning their hopes on Reiki to have bigger buttocks!

The virtual reiki session she did “to enhance attraction” garnered a whopping 12.5 million views. Now that’s one solid proof of how people believe in the power of Reiki to boost one’s self-confidence.

The pandemic prompted Reiki-trained tarot reader Jade Mordente from Scotland to perform distance Reikivia Zoom. She went full-time when the number of people asking her for Reiki healing increased.

“Achieving the same results is absolutely possible through Zoom,” Mordente said.

In Japan, Reiki’s popularity also soared when the pandemic struck, according to Dazed Digital. Apparently, the Japanese sought some form of inner refuge at the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus in their country.

Through a Reiki digital therapy session, they found a sense of calm.

“One thing that Reiki does is it helps calm one’s self on an energetic level,” said New York-based Reiki master and lifestyle coach Hue Hallums in an interview for wellness website Well+Good.

What Can I Expect From Remote Reiki?

Sarah (“HotHighPriestess”) told Dazed Digital that what made her resort to remote Reiki was the difficulty to find a Reiki practitioner in the real world.

Therefore, the next best thing to do is to try a Reiki digital therapy made available through a social media platform. In her case, it’s TikTok.

According to ICRT, Reiki involves “laying on hands” on different areas of a person’s body. Through the hands of the Reiki practitioner, the invisible “life force energy” will flow to the person receiving healing.

Such physical contact can be done in an in-person Reiki session but not in remote Reiki. In a Reiki digital therapy, the Reiki practitioner just makes different hand movements while the receiver watches.

If that’s the case – no physical touching – is remote Reiki still as effective as an in-person Reiki session?

Yes, it is, as confirmed by Reiki Master Teacher, life coach, and sound therapist Jasmin Harsono to Dazed Digital.

People can expect healing from a virtual Reiki session.

Harsono, the founder of the London-based wellness brand Emerald and Tiger, said that “trust” plays an important factor in every session.

Both Nina Endrst and Jade Mordente agreed that it’s the openness of the person receiving Reiki healing that allows it to be effective.

As what Endrst told Shondaland, a computer or mobile phone screen will not “block the flow” of the life force energy.

“The person just has to be open to receiving the energy,” said Mordente to Dazed Digital.

In her interview with Shondaland, Los Angeles-based Reiki master Lejla Cas said that when it comes to Reiki digital therapy, location is “irrelevant.”

Some TikTok followers of “mystique.awakening” suffer from alopecia (hair loss). She told Dazed Digital that they informed her through a private message that they follow her “for stress relief.”

In addition, those followers started to grow new eyelashes and eyebrows after watching her Reiki videos for months.

New York-based newswriter Kara Jillian Brown shared to Well+Good about her virtual Reiki experience.

Brown said, “The immediate effects were so blissful. It was amazing to feel my mind and body truly relax.”

A week after receiving her Reiki digital therapy, she attested that she “felt a bit more emotionally stable.”

Reiki Digital Therapy Machine

Izumi Reiki 14000 digital therapy machine
Izumi Reiki 14000 digital therapy machine

An example of a Reiki digital therapy machine is the one you can see in the picture.

Manufactured by a company called Izumi (not to be confused with the operator of groceries and supermarkets in Japan, which goes by the same name), it comes with a hefty price tag of approximately $1,940.

According to its website, this particular Reiki digital therapy machine promises “cleansing effects” as it removes “toxins and harmful substances” from the body.

Other Reiki digital therapy machines are available in the market for a lower (or even higher) price, with the same goal of providing health benefits.

How Much Does A Reiki Session Cost?

According to Healthline, the cost of one Reiki session depends on how long the session will take place and the location of where it will be conducted.

Generally, the price for one in-person Reiki session can go somewhere between $50 and $100.

A community Reiki center and a Reiki student practitioner may offer a lower price.

It also depends on the Reiki practitioner.

For example, Reiki master Danielle Mai from California charges $150 for 90 minutes. For a Reiki digital therapy, the price starts at $80.

Woman conducts remote Reiki session
Woman conducts remote Reiki session


It looks like Reiki digital therapy is here to stay, with the views of TikTok videos showing the hashtag “reiki” (“#reiki”) continue to surge.

To date, there have already been 791.4 million views.

“Listen and trust in yourself,” said Claudia Chirico, a certified bio-energy therapist from Canada, to Shondaland.

That one applies exactly to both in-person Reiki sessions and to Reiki digital therapy.

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